Weight Loss Program – a Client in Burbank CA

weight loss burbank

A client said she had a difficult time losing weight. She couldn’t motivate herself and needed a coach.

This was a matter of getting on a good diet and learning what foods are healthy.

We began doing away with processed foods and switching to real food with high nutrients, such as chicken, fish, beef, legumes, raw fruits and vegetables.  What else? >>



Diet and Nutrition for Anxiety. Burbank, Glendale.

Reduce anxiety with diet and nutrition. Hollywood CAAnxiety. Who would think that the correct mix of food and nutrients can reduce anxiety?


This what my clients say to me.

Find out if the correct diet of foods and nutrients can reduce your anxiety and stress.


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Nutrition and Nutritional Counseling – North Hollywood

Burbank NutritionistPeople have individual health and nutritional  issues and it takes detective work to figure out what might be going on.

A “one size fits all” approach to nutrition sometimes does not work. Everyone is unique.

The Jeri Evans Program is team-oriented. You and Jeri can work together to find out what nutritional issues are throwing your body out of balance.

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