Constipation Relief & Nutrition Counseling – Burbank, CA

Help Constipation, Bowel Movements. North Hollywood.I have had clients tell me that their doctor said that having one bowel movement a week was normal for them.

This may be normal but is it healthy?  NO!!!

Constipation can be from many things: food intolerance, not drinking enough water, not sitting on the toilet properly, stress, or even the inability to emotionally let things go.

Your situation is unique. We’ll work together on finding ways to help reduce constipation and ease bowel movements.

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Nutritionist – Nutritional Counseling. Burbank CA

Nutrition Nutritionist Burbank CAIf you have individual health issues, it takes detective work to figure out what might be going on. A “one size fits all” approach to nutrition sometimes does not work. Everyone is unique.

Most people, when I first see them, suffer from any of a number of symptoms:

• weight gain or weight loss
• indigestion
• insomnia
• food intolerance
• constipation
• headaches
• diarrhea
• frequent urination
• anxiety & stress
• fatigue
• acid reflux
• fibromyalgia
• burping
• hot flashes
• bloating
• celiac disease / gluten intolerance


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Constipation Help – Food, Water, Light Exercise and Rest. Monrovia, CA

Bowel Movement Help - Pasadena CAA client came to see my complaining about constipation. I suggested a few things like drinking more water, eating more vegetables and taking flaxseed meal. It was also important to reduce stress by getting rid of foods that may be causing intestinal inflammation, getting to bed early and sleeping eight hours and doing some light exercise.

By following the suggestions her bowel movements became normal. My definition of normal is having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day, the stools are soft and long, like bananas. She was very happy because she never had normal bowel movements.

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