gluten-free-diet-more-energy-less-constipation-monrovia-caSpecializing in Gluten-Free Diet Plans, Digestion and Weight Management

Jeri Evans Nutrition provides services to reach ideal digestive health and weight management goals through counseling, nutritional supplements and food diets.

We believe every person’s health is determined by unique and individual factors. It often takes detective work to figure out what’s going on!

Most people, when they first come to me, suffer from any of a number of complaints:

• weight gain or weight loss                  • indigestion
• insomnia                                           • food intolerance
• constipation                                      • headaches
• diarrhea                                            • frequent urination
• anxiety & stress                                • fatigue
• acid reflux                                         • fibromyalgia
• burping                                             • hot flashes
• bloating                                            • celiac disease

The first step of our program educates clients on health and food planning. We use laboratory tests to help understand nutrition imbalance, which is often the result of blood sugar issues, anemia, adrenal dysfunction or infections. Supplement protocols are important to gage positive reactions.

In my experience, building the body with nutrients is critical before using any detoxification methods or cleanses. Generally the last step of my program is detoxification and nutrition rebalancing followed by maintenance.

I believe in discussing solutions and possibilities. Many of my clients tell me how good they feel and how much more energy they have.

People sleep deeper, their weight normalizes and their bowel movements are more regular since being on the Jeri Evans Nutrition, Inc. Plan.