Woman Lives Gluten-Free, but is Well-Fed!

This is an article by Jennie Bragg, an Editorial Producer in CNN’s Money Unit

My very first word was cookie – raisin cookie to be exact. Family legend goes, it came out something like, “raymee cook cook.” The details are trivial. The moral of this story is that shortly after I left the womb, I discovered my first true love: carbs.

As I grew older, my meal of choice became quite obvious: the basket of bread. Who needs to order at all when the best part of a meal comes at the very beginning, for free?

And so it was, for 24 years, that I lived the life of a glutinous gluten monster – until that fateful day. After about two years of terrible stomach issues and running from doctor to doctor, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. That’s the no-carbs-for-the-rest-of-your-life disease (or at least not the good carbs).

What is this “gluten” of which you speak?



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