Seven Surprising Facts and Myths About Microwave Ovens

A fixture in homes, office break rooms, and convenience stores for decades, the microwave oven heats our frozen foods, leftovers, and even more elaborate meals in the blink of an eye. A microwave is typically more energy efficient than conventional ovens and ranges, making it a greener cooking choice at times.

Yet search the Internet for “are microwave ovens safe,” and you’ll get a barrage of hits from concerned parents and others who are worried that the handy device might have a dark, even dangerous side.

Of course, the prevailing consensus among scientists, public health experts, government agencies, and the general populace is that microwave ovens are overwhelmingly safe when used as directed. However, it’s also true that there may be some legitimate questions about the safety of certain aspects of the technology.

Let’s take a closer look at some myths, facts, and misconceptions about microwave ovens, which are estimated to be used in at least 90% of American homes.

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